As a solo act:

It is delightfully rare to see a singer performing while nothing but a double-bass and a pocketful of magic tricks as accompaniment, and with Eddy Blake Eaton’s charisma, conviction and musical passion, he pulls it off like none other! Eddy Blake Eaton is a musician’s musician, and aside from having fronted the Cockroaches and later the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, Eddy has backed artists from the United Steel Workers of Montreal, Bloodshot Bill, Filly and the Flops, Gigi French, Red Mass, and Bobby Dove, not to mention his regular performances on the classical tip. Eddy Blake’s solo act brings the double bass into the foreground, where it is used not only for basslines, but chordally, rhythmically and melodically as well. With techniques ranging from cello-like bow work to percussive slapping of old-time country and rockabilly originals and songbook favorites, Eddy Blake Eaton sings his heart out in a true-to-self crooning tenor.

The Golden Two – 2014-present

United as brothers in music until the end, Eddy Blake and Danny (Vomit Squad, Cockroaches, CPC Gangbangs, Sexareenos, etc) bring their chemistry to the stage one again as THE GOLDEN TWO – acoustic rock n’ roll of the highest pedigree.

Filly and the Flops – 2008-present

So the legend goes that Felicity Hamer was one day in a changing room stall when she first heard Wanda Jackson. Falling immediately in love she exclaimed loudly “who is this?!”, bought the skirt and set out to find every one of her recordings. It was kismet that she and her friend Eddy Blake Eaton should run into each other at a neighborhood bar the very next night. An accomplished rockabilly bassist, he did in fact have all these recordings and much more for her to listen to. Together they made plans to start a band the very next day. To both their shock and delight, both remembered the plans they had made come morning and a date was set for a first show in a few weeks time. They just needed a band.

Kevin McNeilly thought this all very keen and was next on board. With an otherworldly sensitivity for the subtleties of doowop, he was a shew-in for the position of acoustic guitar and “wop wop-er”. After a brief stint as Rockabilly Filly and The Hammers, a couple electric guitar players, twenty drummers and several car shows later, Filly & the Flops were born. Non fraternal, impaternal, twin brothers Eric Thibodeau (drums) and Gabriel Lambert (electric guitar) completed the quintet. Bringing with them heightened jazz sensibility and a willingness to spend hours on their hair.

Gigi French – 2009-present
Giselle Webber se réinvente d’une façon presque schizophrène. Après avoir joué la rockeuse sexy en menant la formation Hot Springs et s’être transformée en rappeuse militante avec son projet Giselle Numba One, la voici dans le rôle d’une diva française, flamboyante devant l’orchestre de Gigi French… Les musiciens qui l’accompagnent dans ce nouveau projet sont forcés de jouer les chansons instantanément, sans aucune répétition. De cette manière, l’esprit de la musique improvisée se superpose aux structures de la pop rétro. Percussion, contrebasse, hautbois, violon, accordéon, vibraphone, clarinette basse, scie musicale, trompette, claviers et guitare dessinent ensemble un monde féérique. Tantôt jazz, tantôt pop, soul ou juive, la musique est drôlement intrigante, mais elle conserve l’odeur de bistro si caractéristique de la chanson française traditionnelle. L’orchestre porte en son sein des membres de Sunday Sinners, CPC Gangbangs, Hrsta, Clues, Thundrah, Cockroaches, Islands, Random Recipe, et United Steelworkers of Montréal… Née à Halifax, Giselle a vécu à Vancouver et à Toronto, sans jamais avoir été initiée à la langue de Marjo. C’est lorsqu’elle a emménagé à Montréal il y a dix ans qu’elle a appris à s’exprimer en français. Dans un joli mélange de québecois et de «tête-carrée», elle nous raconte les histoires douces-amères des gens d’ici. Tout en restant fidèle à son optimisme contagieux, Gigi French traite de sujets graves comme le suicide, la dépression post-natale et la toxicomanie. Elle chante aussi ses fantasmes, ses craintes pour l’avenir et son amour profond pour la nature… Lettres d’amour, lettres d’haine:

Bloodshot Bill and the Handcuffs – 2010-2013

Rock and Roll sensation backed by a fearsome foursome of stand out musicians: Eddy Blake Eaton on doghouse bass, Guillaume Ozoux of guitar, Cadillac Al on Saxophone and Eric Sandmark on drums!

Eddy Blake and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers – 2009-2012

“The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are five piece original rockin’ country sensation! From the tub thumping bass and croon holler vocals of Eddy Blake, the twanging guitars of Chris Reid, the soul singing steel of John Misrahi, the rock solid rhythm and mighty voice of Kurt Bel-Air, and the be-boppin drums of Eric Thibodeau the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers shake hardwood floors and snap heartstrings at each and every performance. Rooted in tradition and ripe for the pickin’ this train is gaining speed and fast. These boys are here to give it all they got, every time. Coming from back woods towns all over the nation and meeting through Montreal’s famous country and bluegrass jam community, these cats are young, eager and ready to rock the wild side of country. Catch ‘em soon! “

United Steel Workers of Montreal – 2007-2009

Montreal’s beloved six-piece, ..THE UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF MONTREAL.., have wowed audiences from coast to coast with the infectious draw of their unique brand of blue-collar alt-country. A potent mix of blues, jazz, country and swing, The ..USWM’s.. live performances are filled out with dry wit, tall tales and some outright lies. Dancing is optional but hard to avoid. ..Following in the wake of their critically acclaimed albums, ….Broken Trucks and Bottles…. and ….Kerosene & Coal…., ..THREE ON THE TREE.. sees the band branching out from their earthy, acoustic-country-punk roots to experiment with gospel (..Jesus We Sweat..), historical ballads (..Mary Gallagher..), Spanish horn arrangements (..Glen Jones..) and thundering premonitions of death (..Three Hard Knocks..). Lead singer ..Gern f…, guitarist ..Shawn ‘Gus’ Beauchamp.. and electric guitar master ..Matthew Watson.. each pour a diverse helping of tunes into the mélange. Rockabilly bassist ..Eddy Blake.. and banjo/mandolin player ..Chris Reid’s.. combined upbeat, energetic stylings give the album an unmistakable pop and swing. Huge in heart, narrative scope and emotion, ….THREE ON THE TREE…. swoops down over the industrial grimness of ..Shot Tower.. sashaying through the street-level social turbulence of ..What a Rio..t and peers into a delicate room where lead singer ..Felicity Hamer’s.. velvety vocals balance the melody of ..Little Girl.. like a frail tea-cup on her saucer. All of the most loved conventions of The ..USWM’s.. previous work are represented, from the stirring rallying cries of ..Rise Up.. and ..The Line.. to light hearted foot stomping romps like ..Making Babies.. and ..Lorelei… .. ….All albums now available in stores, iTunes and online through and……

The Cockroaches – 2005-2009

One response to “Bands

  1. Barry

    Hi Eddy – I have enjoyed hearing you at the Wheel a few times and hope to see you (and Nudie!) on Friday. I am working on a doc film idea about the Wheel Club and would like to have a chat with you sometime. If you have a more direct way of contacting you (phone, email), please let me know.

    thanks, Barry

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